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Our Story


Family's Choice Caregivers was purpose built to provide consistent quality care for one of it's own...


October 2011, David and Gina McNamara, founders of FCC, met at an assisted living facility. It was the very same facility Gina's mother, Ms Ellie, had moved into one year prior post stroke and heart attack.

After 8 months in the assisted living facility, Ms Ellie's care needs increased. With no siblings and deceased father, Gina was solely responsible for her mother's care. It was recommended that she enroll her mother in hospice care as well as 24 hour care. Gina had a very demanding sales career and could not always make it daily to be with her mother. This was stressful for both mother and daughter, as Ms Ellie was not able to use the phone to communicate. There was no continuity in the caregiving staff. Rarely did the same staff work with Ms Ellie, nor did they seem informed of her specific needs and preferences. This process did not cultivate familiarity nor trust. To alleviate this situation, Gina insisted on monthly schedules staffed with the caregivers best suited for her mother and those with whom Ms Ellie was most comfortable and familiar. This change was a great improvement and provided Gina the peace of mind she needed for the times when she was not able to be there; she could trust her mother was in good hands.


Six months later, October 2011, David McNamara went to visit his sister, Dawn, who happened to be one of Ms Ellie's favorite caregivers. Dawn introduced David to Ms Ellie and Gina. It was love at first sight; Ms Ellie was enamored! Gina was somewhat impressed as well.


By the end of that same month, David and Gina knew they were destined to be together. David had a successful career a mechanical engineer with several design patens. He was looking to start his own manufacturing company. Unfortunately, due to Ms Ellie's continued decline, Gina was again faced with deciding the best option for her mother's care. David had become aware of the struggles Gina had faced and the imbalance in his sister's life working 70+ hours a week. He decided to design a home health care company which would not only provide the exceptional care he wanted for his future mother-in-law, but also be the company to redefine the standards of how caregivers were valued as professionals.


With input and encouragement from Dawn, and hospice assistance, Gina moved her mother home to live with her. Ms Ellie had 24 hr caregivers with her to assist Gina with her care. These professionals were more than caregivers, they became extended family. This change provided the care Ms Ellie required and the balance Gina needed in her life. As the daughter, Gina got to have breakfast with her mother in the mornings, go to work with peace of mind knowing her mother was getting exactly the type of care she needed and then look forward to going home and being able tuck her mother into bed each night. Ms Ellie thrived being "home", so much that, at her 90 day review, hospice had to discontinue her care. This was great news!


Things progressed nicely for this new to be family. David quickly became the apple in Ms Ellie's eye. She did experience short-term memory loss, so when the time came, David asked to take her daughter's hand in marriage daily 9 months. Gina and David were engaged in April of 2012 and married one year from the month of meeting, October 2012. Ms Ellie was proudly attending in the front row!


From this success, Family's Choice Caregivers organically evolved a culture rich in people and balance which today, it is successfully able to extend to other families in need.


Ms Ellie's life was no doubt enriched and extended, living the last two years surrounded by people who cherished and adored her. She reflected that love with such grace. January 2014, Ms Ellie passed peacefully at home with her family, Gina, David and the caregivers she called, earth angels. Ms Ellie was a beautiful inspiration for FCC. It is truly an honor to haven given her the care she so deserved.