Our Caring Professionals


  • Who they are... (What they mean to us...)

Our caregivers are individuals who have experienced a loved one in need, set aside their personal     needs and fearlessly stepped up to help.


Their actions restore dignity, sustain independence, lower anxiety, elevate safety, bring awareness, and most certain raise the quality of life.


Their efforts will alleviate stress and bring balance to the entire family.


These caring Professionals are mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who understand that caring for someone, family or not, carries an emotional toll.


They know what you and your family are going through. They know what they are in for once "their caring" begins.


"They are my co-workers, my support, and my friends and they will always have my respect."~D. McNamara


  • How we find them... (What really works...)

Traditionally, the only way caregivers could get an application from our company was if one of our existing caregivers referred them to us.


There simply is no better way to find the quality people we are looking for.


  • How we screen them... (What the law requires, and what we look for...)

The minimum screening requirements for any caregiving company, operating in the State of Tennessee, is outlined by Chapter 0940-05-38-.07 of the "Minimum Program Requirements for Personal Support Service Agencies."


We CAN NOT hire anyone who does not meet those minimum requirements.


We WILL NOT hire anyone with any record involving theft, violence, drugs, abuse, neglect, or sexual misconduct regardless of the age of the offense.


This is a topic that we simply will not compromise on. If we have to wonder about an applicant, we simply don't hire them.


Every year, all of our caregivers are required to complete a re-orientation process which includes all training, testing, and pre-employment screening.


  • How we train them... (Clinical and Cultural)

The minimum training requirements for any caregiving company, operating in the State of Tennessee, is outlined by Chapter 0940-05-38-.08 of the "Minimum Program Requirements for Personal Support Service Agencies."


Our Training consists of mixed media materials; video training as well as written materials. Each caregiver is given a Pre-employment Compass Test to assess their strengths and identify were training needs to be focused.


  • How they are measured... (Interactive focus on their success)

Performance reviews are an interactive process which measure 17 aspects of a caregiver. These aspects include Transportation, communication, Team Cohesiveness, Use of Idle Time and Punctuality.


Management scores the caregivers (1-5) on each aspect. Our Caregivers score themselves as well. The two scores are compared and differences discussed during a face-to-face meeting.


Our caregivers are reviewed randomly to help provide rapid advancement or swift corrective action.


  • How we care for them... (Caring for the ones who care for you)

Our management team exists to make sure our clients and our caregivers are supported to the best of our abilities.


We support our caregivers by:

  • Stable, repetitive scheduling - 3 month durations

  • Cohesive Care Team support

  • Personal introductions to every family

  • 2-hours of paid training with each family

  • 24-hour management support

  • Weekly face-to-face interaction with support staff

  • Competitive compensation

    • Elevated pay rates

    • Free Cash advances (payday loans)

    • Paid time-off

    • Paid Commissions

    • Paid Caregiver referrals