Our Services

Family's Choice Caregivers, LLC is a Non-Medical Personal Support Service Agency. We classify our services into two catagoriers.






Personal Concierge

Personal Conceirge services are more general in scope where we provide assistance managing household and personal affairs.

  •  Dietary Support 

    • Meal planning and shopping

    • Perparation and serving

    • Food safety and freshness

  • Social Interaction

    • Encourage interaction with family and friends

    • Event planning and support

    • Assistance with holiday's and group functions

  • Household Support

    • Basic household health and safety

    • Basic chores and light cleaning

    • Check mail and deliveries

    • Phone calls and messaging

    • Laundry and dry cleaning

  • Plants and Pets

    • Basic care of typical domestic pets

    • Basic care of typical domestic plants

    • Feeding and watering

  • Transportation and Errands

    • Shopping

    • Doctors appointments

    • Wheel chair accessible vehicle coordination

    • Basic assistance with general errands




Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services focuses on tasks which address the direct needs of your loved one. Personal Concierge Services are included.

  • Medication Reminders

    • Refill notifications

    • Document and observe any adverse reactions

  • Hygiene Care

    • Assistance with bathing and toileting

    • Incontinence care

    • Dressing

    • Oral care

  • Mobility

    • Lifting and transfering

    • DME and other devices (Hoyer lift/Gait Belt)

    • Immobile care

    • Assist with grooming and appearance

  • Monitoring & Recording

    • Changes in Behavior

    • Food and fluid intake

    • Basic vitals

    • Intuitive comfort

    • Clinical care coordination